BOSS Brings Back Their Slicer Pedal As The SL-2

Boss has just introduced their brand new SL-2 pedal, which is effectively the legacy SL-20 Slicer in a smaller package with more bells and whistles. The SL-2 pedal takes your original signal and chops it up into whatever rhythmic pattern you program, and offers multiple output options that bring grooves to life across the stereo field.


The SL-2 offers 88 memory locations with pre-loaded patterns (eight types with 11 variations for each), a mono/stereo input and output for integration with any setup, and seven stereo output modes – Fixed, EFX/Direct, Random, Ping-Pong, Auto, 3D Cross, and 3D Rotation. The Sl-2 also allows players to connect up to two footswitches or an expression pedal for external parameter control.

Get one here for $169.99.

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