Peavey Achieves Internet High Score by Uniting Guitars, The Walking Dead, and Halloween

Okay, so I’m taking any chance to get a little festive here, because it’s not like there’ll be gear branded for Thanksgiving or MLK day, but Peavey is combining their love of Halloween and their passion for synergizing with hugely-successful television season premieres. Shambling out slowly from just off camera comes the Walking Dead Rockmaster, three words that sound completely ridiculous strewn together.


But hey, I suppose that if you want a $200 beater guitar and wouldn’t mind some sick Walking Dead art on it (actually I think the visual design is a little weak but I’m afraid legions of fans will disembowel for that), well, this guitar is catered to your specific demographic. In all seriousness 13-year old beginners will probably think these guitars are badass, and if you need zombies to get a kid into guitar, so be it.

And for those of you in the Los Angeles area, if you buy one of these gaudy abominations at the Peavey Hollywood Store on October 24th, Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman will sign it for you. Ask him to write something insulting. You deserve it. NEEERRRDDD.


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