ONI Teaches Trey Some XYLOSYNTH Technique


I’m a guy who likes learning new things, and I don’t mind looking stupid and flailing while I do it. As someone who taught guitar for a living, trying to teach adults new things is often a fucking nightmare because they’re so afraid of looking dumb that they don’t want to even try. I set out to not be that guy, and to go about learning with an open mind and a sense of humor. So when I had the chance to learn a bit about an instrument I’d never played before from a master, Oni’s Johnny D, I was like FUCK YES. Now my fun flailing and failing is available for your enjoyment on our YouTube channel.

Oni is currently on tour in Europe with Gojira and coming back to the US soon, check the tour dates here to see Johnny spit hot fire on the real xylosynth onstage with the band.

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