New Owner of the 24-String Godzilla Bass DAVIE504 Unleashes the Beast


A couple of months ago, we wrote an article about a posting about a 24-string bass that was listed for about $10,000. Well, looks like someone actually bought it! YouTube bassist extraordinaire Davie504 has been posting pictures of him with the bass (nicknamed Godzilla), and posted this video of him playing a solo with the instrument.

This bass is still really silly. It doesn’t need to exist really, but it’s fun to hear how it plays. And Davie and his funky fingers certainly do Godzilla justice, so I can’t be too annoyed that it exists.

Davie504 is one of the best bassists on YouTube right now, and has a ton of videos of cool things he does with the instrument, so if you like a good slapping, go check out the rest of his channel.

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