Find of the Week: GODZILLA, Guitario’s 24-String Bass Guitar


Remember a couple of years ago at the 2015 NAMM show, and one thing stole the show? It was the Kalium Strings booth, and their MONSTER Prat 24-string bass named “Godzilla”. We did a video covering it, and you can see the bass right at the beginning. Remember thinking how unnecessary that bass seemed? Well, now it can be yours for the low, low price of more than I make in a year!

The C3 WTF-24 or”Godzilla” is being sold by the man with the stache in the video, Chris Cardone. The bass, in total honesty, is hideous. One hundred percent over the top. But, the tone that this thing puts out is totally unique. It has an amazing choral quality that is really satisfying to hear (Check out this video to hear it in action). In terms of hardware, let’s talk shop. The bass includes:

  • 24 Frets
  • Ipe fingerbaord
  • 2 truss rods (this neck is solid!)
  • 2 Nordstrand Humbucking “MM” Style pickups
  • Dark Glass Tone Capsule pre-amp (3 band)
  • Custom bridge that has individual string intonation
  • Maple wings
  • Flame maple top and back
  • Hipshot Tuners
  • Kalium Strings
  • Deep emerald Green finish with Bio-hazard inlay on back of upper horn

‘Tis no bass…’tis a beast.

If, for whatever reason, you need this bass in your life, it’s on sale now for only $10,500 (UPDATE: The price has dropped to $9,900) over at Also included with the bass, is a an Axe Handler ARC stand, and a pedalboard. So maaaaaybe now it’s worth it.

If only we can him to sell the suit


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