Some people say that there is nothing new under the sun. That everything’s been done. That the music merchant industry is a bloated, ricey corpse that sells assembly-line products for assembly-line players. And then something big comes along that changes everything, and nothing is ever the same again.


Hovercraft Amplifiers have just dropped that “something big”: the Hello Kitty Dwarvenaut 20 Head. This amp is a “zoned” variant of Hovercraft’s SN100 Dwarvenaut model, that hits gain levels similar to Mesa Boogie’s MK2 and MK3 models. This is a one of a kind rig, for which the company is currently taking private offers before putting it up for auction. Cotton candy, matching cables, and matching flight case included.




For a taste of how the Dwarvenaut sounds, take a peek at the demo below:

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