Stupid Texts from Musicians to their Engineers, Volume IV

Although Glenn Fricker’s stupid texts from musicians to engineers are pretty hilarious, it really feels weird hearing some of these. They’re way beyond cringe-worthy… this stuff is dark. I normally can’t make it past the first couple of these, but hopefully your endurance levels are higher than mine!


One important thing that these do things underline though, is that even in the era of democratized/free music, people still think that in order to achieve stardom, they just have to “hit the studio” where the cigar-chomping producers there are going to “discover them” and say “you’ve got something there, kid” before presenting them with a contract offer for a million dollars and yacht parties with Emily Ratajkowski.

The reality is more brutal.

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Max is managing editor of Gear Gods.

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  • “They’re way beyond cringe-worthy… this stuff is dark.”

    Thought you were exaggerating but dear god, I’m left speechless. Finding it very hard to fathom how dimwitted people can be, especially today since there’s practically limitless information readily available on any given subject over the internet.

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