Find of the Week: Mario, John Carpenter, and Iron Man Pedals

We try as much as possible to shine the spotlight on independent pedal builders who are doing all sorts of creative things with effects. We’re sort of living in a renaissance period for independent gear – it’s now easier than ever, if you have a good idea and design, to build and distribute gear via your own small business.


One of the ways in which people get creative is combining a visual or conceptual design with an effect, which is exactly what we have on dock for you this week, courtesy Dawes Audio. These guys build made-to-order effects pedals, so if you are digging these styles, definitely get in touch at

These pedals range from cute to (maybe gross?): an inspired Super Mario mushroom boost, a They Live fuzz pedal, and an Iron Man overdrive pedal. Man is that mushroom pedal cool. Check out some pics:







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Max is managing editor of Gear Gods.

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  • I don’t even use fuzz but damn I want the they live pedal

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