Welcome back to The Month In Gear, our look back over the past months-worth of gear demos, reviews, and general insight and/or gear-related silliness. This past December featured some sick pieces of kit including the BOSS EQ200, Mayones Aquila, and more! They’re all here for your viewing pleasure in case you might have missed one, so sit back, relax, and enjoy December’s gear recap!


The BOSS EQ200 and OD200:

“Find out how to make your guitar solos cut through the mix, and see how to use the sick new EQ and OD pedals from BOSS!”

You can check out the BOSS 200 pedals here.

The SMG Cockblocker:

“Find out how to use the new SMG Cockblocker gate pedal for the double gate technique!”

You can check out the SMG Cockblocker here.

BONUS: The SMG Cockblocker Has a Secret!

RIGGED: Delain

“While not one specific piece of gear, check out Dutch symphonic metal band DELAIN‘s insane live rig!”

The Plasma Coil Pedal:

“Trey and, ummm, Trey 2? play the 5 best Jack White guitar riffs of all time through the Gamechanger Audio Plasma Coil collaboration pedal with Jack White’s Third Man Records.”

Check out the Plasma Pedal here.

The Mayones Aquila:

“We took a first look at the new Mayones Aquila guitars!”

You can learn more about the Mayones Aquila here.

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