Shrink Your Pedalboard With The ERNIE BALL VP JR Tuner!

Pedalboard real estate is a valuable thing – as your effects need to grow, so does the desire for more space on your board. Less sexy pedals, the functional or necessary ones that aren’t as fun to play with start to seem like dead weight – but you can’t just ditch them.


So when something comes along that combines two of those into one, pedal enthusiasts rejoice. Like a dual land in Magic the Gathering that could give you two different colors of mana, the new VP JR Tuner from Ernie Ball gives you both a volume pedal and a tuner in one.

Makes perfect sense, right? When you’re tuning, you don’t want the audience to hear the tuning song, so of course, you should put it into a volume pedal that turns the tuner on when it’s all the way down. WHY TF DIDN’T ANYONE THINK OF THIS BEFORE?

And to top that off, Ernie Ball also put a freakin’ touchscreen on it. The VP JR Tuner also has a bunch of cool features such as dual I/O so you can put it both in front of and in the loop of your amp, calibration from 432 Hz – 447 Hz, and 3 display modes (Volume and Tuner, Tuner only, Volume only) so you can customize it to your needs.

It might also have a secret hidden function that you didn’t realize you needed, but you’ll have to watch the video to find out…

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