MARK HOLCOMB And YVETTE YOUNG Teach Each Other Riffs In This Video From REVERB

Prog metal and math rock champions Mark Holcomb (PERIPHERY) and Yvette Young (COVET) have recently sat down in an exclusive video with Reverb to teach each other some riffs! First, Yvette shows Mark some tapping wizardry in her song “Shibuya.” Then, Mark teaches Yvette the main doodily-doos to Periphery’s “Scarlet.” Both picked each other’s songs up VERY quickly, and the chemistry between them seems very warm and natural. Lastly, Yvette and Mark jam out to a song they’ve collaborated on for a Seymour Duncan video (which should be released soon!). As you could imagine, both guitarists’ styles are captured beautifully.


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Stay beautiful. HAIL STAN.

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