ALLUVIAL Gains NE OBLIVISCARIS Drummer DAN PRESLAND; Playthrough Released and Tour Announcement Coming

Alluvial is a band that started out as a studio project lovechild of Wes Hauch (Black Crown Initiate, ex-The Faceless) and Keith Merrow (Conquering Dystopia) and is now gaining traction and members as drummer Dan Presland (Ne Obliviscaris) joins the fold.


His addition was announced today along with this blistering playthrough of their track “Lila”, and they’ve told me that they have been booked on a big tour and the announcement is imminent. Big things are happening for these boys, and it warms my fucking cockles.

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  • It’s sic as shit… but definitely not Conquering Dystopia .2…

    • I wished they used his drum tracks. That’s awesome…. good for all involved.

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