What Happens When 16 YouTubers And 1 Rock Star Collab On A Kickass Song? (Via CATPICK STUDIOS)

You may not know this, but some of us here at Gear Gods HQ recently took a trip to Germany to rock out with the good people at Hughes & Kettner! While we were there, we shot LOADS of content, made TONS of new friends, and got to make some SICK collaborations, like this one! Vlad from Catpick Studios recently put together this massive guitar solo collab video with 16 of us YouTubers (featuring Trey and Isaac of Gear Gods!), and the end result is pretty wild. Check it!


The YouTubers heard and seen in this collab in order are:

  1. Steve from Boston
  2. Steve Stine
  3. Mika Tyyskä (Mr. Fastfinger)
  4. Perry from Pendulum
  5. Phillip McKnight
  6. Vlad from Catpick Studios
  7. Joss Allen from Guitar Bros Demos
  8. Trey and Isaac from Gear Gods! (hello hi welcome)
  9. EytschPi42
  10. HarryAndAGuitar
  11. Michael Wagner
  12. JayLeonardJ
  13. Rockloe
  14. GuitarCook TV
  15. Kfir Ochaion
  16. ToxicxEternity

*whew* Did we miss anyone? Be sure to check out their channels and toss ’em a subscriberoni if you’re so inclined.

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