This 18 String Gibson Explorer is ERG Game Over, Proves Gibson Once Cared

Holy shit, what the fuck is this? An 18 string Gibson Explorer harp guitar from 1993?


All those times some wicked clever commenter has suggested that 8 and 9 string guitarists should just play the harp never considered this monstrosity. It’s apparently more of a harp shaped like a guitar, with no usable fretboard to speak of, so basically you’re stuck with only 18 notes, technically rendering it more of a reduced range guitar, but enough semantics.

The whole thing looks like the necromorph version of an explorer. Like, it was stationed on the USG Ishimura at the worst time, got infected, and sprouted a mangled and fucked up version of itself.

18 string explorer harp guitar 2

It even looks like they put 2 frets on it just to really render the fingerboard unusable. It seems it could maybe have been used in a fretless fashion but they were like NO WAY BRO.

Can we talk about the size of that pickup? You could probably use that magnet to suck in nearby planets.

Funny to think that Gibson once tried to do something crazy and different, instead of pumping out the same dad guitars they have for 50 years.

Would you hit it, or nah?

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