OTHERS BY NO ONE Transcend Time and Space in This Exclusive Bass Playthrough of “Dr. Breacher and the Time Travel Anomaly”


If you’re a fan of all things prog, Others by No One are the band to be looking out for. Hailing from Dayton, OH, the dudes just recently released their debut EP Book I: Dr Breacher in June of this past year. And as much progressive music does, this one’s got a pretty neat story behind it, as it details the tale of young man who returns home only to find that his sister has succumbed to an illness in his absence. Going under the moniker “Dr. Breacher”, the man attempts to find a way to see his sister yet again. It’s all pretty cool if you’re into concept albums, and to help illustrate the story, bassist Quique Bucio (AKA Tanner Breacher [Dr. Breacher’s brother]) has gifted us with this exclusive bass playthrough for the music video version of the song “Dr. Breacher and the Time Travel Anomaly“, only right here, on Gear Gods!

In the playthrough, Quique pulls off just about every sound you could imagine on the bass. From relentless riffing to lush melodies, this tune’s jam-packed with all of it. If you’re into bands like Between the Buried and Me, Native Construct, and Mr. Bungle, this is gonna be your jam. And even though the EP version of the song is almost 20 minutes long (yeah, that’s right), the dudes still managed to squeeze just about 10 minutes of the track in here, which is still pretty impressive. On top of that, the video was shot and edited by Bradley Benson of EBO Productions and engineered by Eddie Ruff, so you know there’s a whole talented team behind the scenes here.

You can buy a physical or digital copy of Book I: Dr. Breacher on the band’s Bandcamp, and hit up their Facebook and Instagram for the latest ObNO ventures. It’s been said that new material is in the works from them as well, so keep your ears peeled for more proggy goodness.

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