IRREVERSIBLE MECHANISM Traipse Through “Infinite Fields” In This Exclusive Guitar Playthrough

Last time we had an Irreversible Mechanism playthrough for you, I made the strong claim that IR were the new Necrophagist. Then I got loads of crap because “imo IR is progressive technical death metal and necro is technical progressive DM” and “lol this moron things those two bands are anything alike, their so diffrnt” proving that neckbeard bullshit knows no bounds. Also, that the only way to get anyone to read anything on the internet is to put NECROPHAGIST in the title.


Anyway, not-Necrophagist is back with another playthrough video not featuring guitarist Muhammed Suiçmez or anyone remotely like him, proving once again that a band that exists is “Infinite Fields” better than one that doesn’t and will never put out another album.

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