Avant-Garde-Ians CLERIC Release Exclusive Guitar and Bass Playthrough of “Lowell”


Ya’ll know Cleric? Cause I sure didn’t. Then I heard a bit of their album Retrocausal and I asked myself “Why the hell do I not know Cleric?”. They’re a pretty insane group-a-dudes. And, they’ve been through the ringer. It’s been seven years since their previous album Regressions, but they are back at it! And guitarist Matt Hollenberg and bassist Daniel Kennedy are here to show you what’s up, with a Gear Gods exclusive playthrough of the song “Lowell”.

If you haven’t heard any of Cleric’s music, it’s a bit whackadoo. Imagine a slightly less spastic Dillinger Escape Plan, mixed with parts of Car Bomb and Couch Slut. And LOOOOONG but still bangin’ songs. That’s sort of what it’s like. From Decibel:

A dense cacophony of death-grind with the incredible stamina of doom and, stunningly, all the same Web of Mimicry freakery exhibited by the label’s other fare, but drenched in the raging napalm fires of the heaviest guitar music ever made.

So if you’re into that sort of thing.

This video was also shot in a really unique way, where there were different camera angles for both Matt and Daniel, and also a wide shot showing both of them AND their gear. Which means they were playing this thing live, yo. Which is always a cool thing for these playthrough videos.

Retrocausal is out now, and you can find it and grind it on Cleric’s bandcamp. Also on Facebook, like good futuremen. Go support these guys, they’re makin’ something special here. Good on ya.

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