A WAKE IN PROVIDENCE – Exclusive Guitar Playthrough of “A Darkened Gospel”


Last week, we teamed up with Outerloop Records and NYC deathcore outfit, A Wake in Providence, to bring you Anthony Adipietro’s drum playthrough of “A Darkened Gospel.” In the second of three exclusive debuts here at Gear Gods, guitarist D’Andre Tyre took his turn playing through the band’s latest single.

Accompanied only by a lone Orange cabinet in what appears to be purgatory, D’Andre puts his chops to the test and makes easy work of techy tremolo-picked passages and crushing breakdowns. At times, you can almost eyeball and count the cycles of his 8th string. I’ve never been one to tune low for the sake of tuning low, and these guys definitely make tasteful use of the extended range in a way that doesn’t feel contrived. D’Andre also had this to say about the process:

Filming this playthrough was something I was hoping to do while writing this song. I have changed my approach to the 8-string guitar, and I really wanted to showcase that in these videos. I’m so glad I got to work with my now good friend, Joe Flannery…The quality is that of films and looks so awesome. Hopefully you guys enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed writing the song and filming the playthrough! Special thanks for sure to Ibanez guitars, Orange Amplification, Blackcraft Cult, and the real MVPs over at Outerloop!

Be on the lookout for the final A Wake in Providence exclusive right here next week! Meanwhile, keep yourself occupied while you wait with the band’s Facebook.

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