A WAKE IN PROVIDENCE – Exclusive Drum Playthrough of “A Darkened Gospel”


New York City deathcore quartet, A Wake in Providence, are celebrating their recent signing to Outerloop Records with a pretty slick trio of playthroughs. This first one features drummer Anthony Adipietro blasting his way through the band’s recent single, “A Darkened Gospel.”

Since their inception in 2010, A Wake in Providence have dropped a pair of EPs – Serpents and Insidious – and have been dedicated to grinding out a territory for themselves in the deathcore scene. With “A Darkened Gospel” being released through Outerloop, it looks like that dedication has paid off.

In this playthrough, Anthony’s drumming skills are spotlighted as he guides the band through downtempo breakdowns punctuated by double kick-filled silences, frequently bringing everyone back up to speed with blistering fills. E’rybody wants to give guitarists and vocalists the most credit for bringing the brutality, but what would an ass-kicking breakdown be without a wicked-tight drummer behind the wheel? Not to mention, there’s a foot cam involved, which is arguably the best part of any drum playthrough. Not for, like, fetish reasons, though.


Be sure to look out for the second playthrough of three next week! In the meantime, pay the band a visit on their Facebook page.

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