Our second day at NAMM 2014 was even busier than our first. So busy in fact that most of today”s posts are still footage we shot on day one, due to the twin bottlenecks of video editing and hotel wifi. But I certainly have pictures to share from our Friday sojourn. Expect posts throughout the week as continue to sort through all the 96 gigs of camerawork we shot between Thursday and Saturday.



Walking into a big pedalboard at the Roland/Boss booth.


We caught up with Revocation”s Dave Davidson at Fender/Jackson/Charvel/EVH.


Obviously we checked out the guitars in the process.


Bleeding Through”s Dave Nassie was also there…


…as was As I Lay Dying”s Nick Hipa.


Over at ESP”s booth there was a signing with Gus G., Frank Bello, Ben Weinman, Ken Susi, and Buz McGrath.


While at Schecter, we ran into George Lynch and Doug Pinnick.


At Ibanez, Periphery”s Jake Bowen and Animals as Leaders” Tosin Abasi debuted new signature gutiars.


While Tosin”s former bandmate Navene Koperweis spent most of the day around the casino online corner jamming on Tama”s electronic kit.


At Schecter, Jeff Loomis and Keith Merrow performed some Conquering Dystopia tunes. Unlike a lot of the other low-volume performances, this one featured Kemper Profiling Amps instead of Axe-FX racks.


They used a Tech 21 Midi Moose for Kemper preset switching.


We were talking to Kurt Ballou about his new line of guitars when Evan Brewer swung over to say hi.


These Laney amps have optional extension cabs if you want to go wet/dry/wet with your effects.


Only the finest “Batteries” brand batteries for our cameras.


And only the finest in portable optical disc tech to demo Peavey”s headphones.


Peavey is a company that knows about merchandizing: where the real money from the comic is made.


They also have a performance room so blue that there are none more blue.


Sabian may have brought a couple cymbals to the floor.

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