What Should a Singer do to Become Famous?

So, you want to be a singer? You have a nice voice, you can dance and play some instruments. But these things are not the only ones you need to have to make it to the top of the music charts worldwide. Several factors add up and decide the rise and fall of a singer.

In the old days, making it big as a musician was difficult. Thanks to the different free websites for singers and sharing platforms available nowadays, people now have the means to spread their music with minimal expenses. If you dream to make singing your profession and want to be the artist who sells out stadiums, you need to act smart and take control of your life by making smart choices.

5 Tips to Help You Become a Famous Singer

The road to fame is a tough one. People start out with big aspirations but fall short of motivation and courage in the long run. Here are 5 tips to help you become a famous singer:

1. Do Your “Thing”

All the famous musicians have had their “thing.” This means that they followed or added a part of themselves into the music they created. Doing this allows you to open up your followers by going away from the usual norms. For example, Lady Gaga is known for her unique style and Sia is famous because of her black and white hair extensions – in addition to her great music, of course.

2. Focus on Your Voice

You need to realize that although the high quality of your voice is not a guarantee for fame, you still need to be good enough to sound reasonable during live performances. Work on your voice quality and keep widening your vocal range. This will help you become comfortable with live performances. Take vocal lessons and make sure your voice matches your genre.

3. Don’t Follow Others

Trends come and go, but you need to stick to doing what you are passionate about. Create your own style and following that likes that style. Listen to people but do what you feel like doing as a musician. The majority of famous singers in the past accepted who they were and added their personality to whatever they did. Especially when it comes to music, make sure you have your own two cents to add. Formulate a style and stick to your genre. Similarly, making a different type of music every time the trend changes will take away your identity as a vocalist and you’ll always be making covers and copying others.

4. Collaborate

Collaboration has helped many new singers create a following of their own. You need to be active on this front and look for chances to collaborate with singer/bands that are bigger than you. It will also give you a launch-pad to introduce yourself to the world if you are a new arrival. Collaborations can also help you evolve as a singer as you get to meet successful artists and learn from them.

5. Never Back Down

This is the most important thing to do if you want to become a famous singer. Always have someone to motivate you – having a mentor is great. There will be times when you’d want to quit, these are the times that will decide the direction where your singing career will go. Therefore, stay adamant, believe in yourself, and keep singing like there’s no tomorrow.

Final Word

It is important that you maintain a social presence in the current age of social media. Post whatever you create and be as active as possible. Also, keep seeing new people and discovering new opportunities. If you are shy, hire a social media manager who understands the market well. Finally, you must understand that singing is more about art than fame. But who doesn’t want a piece of the pie for themselves? Therefore, keep working hard and be who you are – fame will follow.

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