Two Key Similarities Between Casino Games and Metal

If people were grouped based on what they enjoy, those who like metal music and those who like casino games may seem like two completely disparate groups. But the Venn diagram of those who enjoy both is probably a lot bigger than most people would first imagine. This is due to many factors but mainly the fact that metal (or anything heavier than Bon Jovi) and casino games are actually fairly similar. So, how do the two main similarities between casino games you can find at 메리트카지노 and metal help cultivate similar fanbases?


High Concepts

Heavy metal is renowned for its high concepts. From Slipknot to Avenged Sevenfold, Guns ‘N’ Roses to even Steel Panther, there is always an element of theatricality that elevates the genre above others. The costumes, the make-up, and the stage presence take regular singers and create personas and an ambiance that attaches itself to their music.

This also breaks down into concept albums. For example, rock group Madina Lake’s entire concept is to set their music in a fictional town dealing with the disappearance of a socialite. The artwork and lyrics offer snippets of the story and provide clues to get to the bottom of the mystery posed by their debut album, The Disappearance of Adalia (2006).

Blind Guardian’s 1998 Nightfall in Middle Earth was based around J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Silmarillion, attempting to tell the story through the album itself. Moreover, Mastodon’s Blood Mountain is themed around climbing the eponymous Blood Mountain to look for the Crystal Skull. The concept can often need explaining, as we can see through the in-depth analysis at The music in the album is a backdrop to the story and gives listeners an experience throughout.  

Online casinos are similar in that the industry takes standard slot gameplay, for example, and then adds different themes to it in order to create a wider story. Well ufabet is the best platform for online casino games. So, players may log on to engage with the slot gameplay and then find themselves immersed in the world of the Greek Gods, Norse mythology, Ancient Egypt, the Wild West, or outer space.

As shows us, there are a wide variety of themes behind the slot games. These aren’t just relegated to broad topics, however. Popular film and TV tie-ins, such as one based around the upcoming third installment of the Bill and Ted franchise, are also utilized when creating slot games for online casinos, taking advantage of the video element of the slots to add an extra level based on the franchise.

Fast Pace

Another key facet of metal music is the pace. Those interested in the genre, and especially those who see it live, are mesmerized by the fast guitar work, the loud and brash drums, and the overall franticness of the set. The typical BPM of metal music is between 100 and 160 BPM, according to This greatly surpasses most other genres in the mainstream and results in a frenetic experience for those playing and listening.

This fast pace isn’t dissimilar to online casinos, which are characterized by players being able to make decisions quickly with limited information. When playing roulette, for example, players need to be able to make decisions quickly and sometimes the result of these decisions is revealed in mere seconds as the wheel spins and the ball lands in the slot.  

Since migrating online, casino games have been able to take on many concepts that would have been out of reach in traditional analog modes of engagement. These concepts are not dissimilar to the essence of metal, which involves a lot of theatricality to tell a story as well as deliver stellar songs. Moreover, the pace of some casino games is almost at the tempo that metal works to, so it’s no surprise to find that fans of one of the two past times may also be fans of the other.  

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