Heavy Metal Influences in Different Industries

Heavy metal music first developed in the 1960s and 1970s as a genre of rock that usually sounds harsher and uses emotional imagery in its lyrics. Heavy metal has had a great influence on many different industries in society and even though there has often been a negative connotation around it, it has been of great benefit and positive influence in many industries.

Music industry

Heavy metal has clearly had a great effect on the music industry, as it still influences many artists from all genres today. Many artists get inspiration from the style and art of heavy metal that they implement into their own styles. One example would be Taylor Swift’s most recent album Reputation; her cover is heavily influenced by the darkness and the gothic style that is associated with heavy metal.

Another example that shows the influence of heavy metal is that the popular pop artist Lady Gaga chose to perform with Metallica. This shows that Metallica are still popular and also exposes them to a new, younger potential fanbase.

Contrary to popular belief, fans of metal music are shown to have depression and anxiety levels that are on the lower end of the scale. From the outside metal music may be seen or portrayed as violent or scary but those who are fans see it as a positive thing in their lives that helps decrease their depression or anxiety by using it as an outlet for their negativity.

Fashion industry

Heavy metal also has a strong influence on the fashion industry as band merchandise has become a popular, timeless trend. The heavy metal style of wreathing leather, biker jackets and spikes has also been implemented into mainstream fashion. Many designers incorporate the fonts that are associated with heavy metal bands into their designs, and they can therefore reach a much bigger audience.

Gaming industry

There is also a growing heavy metal presence in gaming, especially in the online casino industry. This is important as it allows the industry to be much more inclusive, all while exposing gamers to the heavy metal music genre. A popular online casino game is the slot game Motorhead, which can be enjoyed at Unibet and other exciting online casino sites. This game incorporates many aspects from the band Motorhead into the gaming experience, including videos. It is great for anyone and especially those who are fans of the band. There are even online casinos that are solely dedicated to heavy metal music.

Heavy metal is clearly a great influence on many different industries within society, some of which are mostly unaware of its presence. Since heavy metal is incorporated into society in so many ways, people can become more educated about the genre and grow to enjoy it.

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