Four Crucial Pieces of Gear for Touring Metal Bands

You can’t go on the road without some serious gear backing you up. Whatever’s on the bus had better be tough and reliable. But what’s the best essential gear to take on your next tour?


All musicians are picky about what they take on tour, but metal bands need military grade firepower to support a high decibel touring lifestyle. You need to know what works, what consistently takes the abuse and what brands you can trust to deliver the performance you need.

From keeping it clean to getting down and dirty; here are the four top essential gear choices for your band’s next tour.

1. When You Need More Power

From your wheels to your phone — you’re going to need power on the road! Don’t get caught short when a battery dies. The number one piece of essential gear is going to be spare batteries and chargers for everything that needs juice.

Don’t forget to maximize your ride’s 12V outlet with a power inverter. Not all venues are going to have facilities available for you, and you’re going to be riding for hours at times — what will you do when your tablet or laptop dies?

2. Metal’s a Dirty Business

You could be on the road for a long time. Without some basic hygiene, you’re all going to get seriously ripe. Have you got a room and a shower waiting for you at the next gig? Be prepared. Check out some serious cleanup gear, like Dr. Bronner’s Soap. It’s bath soap, shampoo, laundry detergent; you can even use it as toothpaste if you’re really stuck. Turn any hotel sink into the band’s washing machine.

Are you performing in the summer heat? Consider bringing your own shower. A solar camp shower is stink insurance for when a venue doesn’t have facilities available.

3. Free Tour Management App

Bandsintown Manager will let you easily manage and promote your gigs on a large number of different platforms, all within this one app.

You can both create and update Facebook events, post to Twitter, Google+ and your band’s website by using the Bandsintown Manager widget. Fans who use Bandsintown can receive push reminders about your shows, while you discover important demographic stats about your fans and what they respond to.

4. Does Your Hotel Room Have a Sound System?

No? Bring one with you! Modern Bluetooth speakers carry an outsized punch in a portable package, and the Ultimate Ears portable wireless speakers take your tunes to the next level anywhere you go!

  • Wonderboom is waterproof for up to 10 hours of pool or beach action — rain or shine keep the party going!
  • Megaboom is for bass that knocks down walls. And it comes with Google Now and Siri, so you just gotta say it and Megaboom plays it. Do you want that gut shaking sound to be waterproof? Say hi to the Boom 2; heart pounding sounds and it can take a beating while it dishes out your fav beats.

Tunes are your life; carry them with you wherever you go with these mega-powerful Bluetooth speakers.

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