BORN OF OSIRIS’ Lee McKinney Wrote This Song For DRUMCEPTION 2019!

DRUMCEPTION 2019 is officially here, and it’s not too late to enter! Write a song using the provided Toontrack drum track here, and submit it to win some amazing prizes from Toontrack and Orange Amps! And to help show you what amazing songs are possible, we’ve teamed up with some of our favorite guitarists out there on the metal scene today — and this time it’s none other than Lee McKinney of BORN OF OSIRIS!


The song that Lee came up with for Drumception 2019 is sure to please those who are familiar with the sound of Born of Osiris, as well as his own solo work. The track is heavy, massive (thanks, Orchestra SDX), and chock-full of BOO-isms that’ll have you banging your head from start to finish. Check it out, then be sure to head over here to create your very own DRUMCEPTION 2019 song submission!

What would you write to this track? Submissions for Drumception 2019 have closed, but feel free to download the drum track and have a go at it!

November is Metal Month at Toontrack. For the 2019 edition, a total of six new products were released: The Death & Darkness SDX, Death Metal EZX and Dark Matter EZX by Mark Lewis and Tue Madsen, the Heavy Metal MIDI pack, the Death Metal Guitars EZmix Pack and the Deathlike Fusion MIDI pack. Find all products and loads of cool content on Toontrack’s Metal Month page:

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