INTERVALS Bassist JACOB UMANSKY Grooves the Hell Out on the Alpha·Omega Ultra From DARKGLASS ELECTRONICS


Jacob Umansky is a name you’re probably familiar with if you keep up with the current news in the metal world. The dude has played bass in countless bands, including but not limited to Intervals, Painted In Exile, and The Faceless. And recently, the string-slingin’ superhero teamed up with the good people at Darkglass Electronics to bring us this demo of their new dual bass preamp/OD pedal, the Alpha·Omega Ultra!  G E T   L O W.

The song you’re hearing is actually a brand new track by Jacob’s newest venture, JIA, and boy, does it slap. Throughout positively tearing up the low-end on this thing, Jacob shows off some of the different tones you can get out of the pedal by using the built-in six-band graphic EQ and mod/blend/drive knobs. The Alpha·Omega Ultra even comes loaded with an onboard digital impulse-response cabinet emulator, which basically makes this an all-in-one piece of gear for any bass player’s rig, either live or in the studio.

You can learn more about the Alpha·Omega Ultra here and go get your mitts on one here.

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