FLUFF Demos the Line 6 Spider V Amplifier

You heard it right, folks. The Line 6 Spider V series is now upon us, and you can check out what Fluff has to say about it (and how it sounds, of course).


Now, what can I say about Fluff that hasn’t already been said? The dude rules. On a similar note, what can I say about the notorious Line 6 Spider line that hasn’t already been said? Truthfully, not a whole lot, so I’ll let the pro do the heavy lifting:

I’ll be honest; I wasn’t entirely repulsed by the tones coming out of this thing, frustrating design flaws aside. I probably wouldn’t be able to dial one in quite like Fluff has, but this might prove to be a nifty gadget for the courageous amp tweaker. Or it’s fucking shit. I’m undecided. What do you think?

If you’re on the fence, check out another demo!

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