ABOMINABLE ELECTRONICS Go All-Out In These Hilarious-Yet-Informative Pedal Demos!

It’s no secret that Abominable Electronics makes some of the sickest FX pedals out there. With products ranging from the DEMON LUNG and HELLSTACHE to the TOKE MACHINE, all their custom pedals are hand-wired and feature some of the sickest artwork by artist Matt Kerley.


The company has been releasing some of the most amazing pedal demo videos we’ve ever witnessed in recent months, created by the talented team of Drew Kaufman, Robby Menzer, and Steve Brodsky. It’s truly something that needs to be seen to be believed, and are a great blend of educational and comedic content (we value that kind of thing around here). Check out some of the highlights below!

Steve plays some Black Sabbath and is visited by Ozzy Osbourne himself.

Steve covers old Converge for Kurt Ballou’s signature pedal.

Steve plays the Super Mario theme song like it was the Star Spangled Banner.

Steve covers ZZ Top and is visited by the beard himself.

Purple Rain —-> Alice in Chains.

An extremely ambitious crossover.

And finally the most beautiful thing in the world.

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