Musicians Around the World Team Up With MEGADETH Drummer for This Cover of PENTAKILL’s “Mortal Reminder”


Online bands are a a bittersweet thing. They are often filled with top of the line talent and musicianship, but they’re often so far from each other that they may never play together in person. This full band cover of Pentakill’s “Mortal Reminder” kills me. It’s so good, but everyone in it is all over the place! Get it together people! You got a world to take over.

The fabulous faces you see in this thing are no joke. You have Siegfried Song (vocals), Patrick Fallang (lead guitar), and Gear Gods’ own Alex Nasla (synth) – all of Symmetric Chaos. Leo Pena (rhythm guitars) and Jonny Sobrino (bass) of Jotun Studios in Spain contribute, as well as Megadeth drummer Dirk Verbeuren. A whole roster of class act performers, with a whole planet between them. At least the cover is a banger. Watch ‘er and revel in splendor.

Check out what all of these guys have going on with them:

Siegfried: YouTube; Facebook

Patrick: Facebook

Alex: Facebook

Leo: Facebook, Twitter

Jonny: YouTube

Dirk: Facebook

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