Harpist Ends Life On Earth With BORN OF OSIRIS Cover Of “Follow The Signs”

Damn SON. Lookie here, hardcore harpist Gabriela Gutierrez recently posted another harp metal video, this time covering “Follow the Signs” by progressive metalcore band BORN OF OSIRIS. That song is a freaking doozie with all sorts of rhythmic twists and turns, so you can expect this video to melt your face in the most delicate and gorgeous way possible. Check it:


THE SOLO, RIGHT?! Takes some serious skill to nail that one. Imagine trying that with an instrument with 8x the amount of strings! I’m getting stressed even thinking about it. But this post isn’t about me. it’s about Gabriela Gutierrez. And she absolutely killed it. If you dig this, check out her cover of Periphery’s “Marigold” here. Want more hashtag harpcore in your life? Give Gaby a follow on her Instagram and Facebook.

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