FROG LEAP STUDIOS Awaken With This Metal Cover of Avicii’s “Wake Me Up” (feat. Trey Xavier)


Our shiny leader Trey Xavier mysteriously disappeared last week, and it’s been just anarchy here at Gear Gods. There’s shit all over the floor, articles and videos about anything go up seemingly at random by themselves, no one’s fed OR watered Isaac since Trey has the only key to his cage. Seriously, Trey, where are you? Oh you’re just in Norway doing a super cool collab with YouTube metal goliath Frog Leap Studios? That’s fine then. Take your time.

Trey was a guest vocalist/soloist in this metal cover of Avicii’s (R.I.P.) “Wake Me Up”, and it’s really well done. Which isn’t surprising since it is Leo Moracchioli, but it does have some fun with Trey’s narrative. He gets lost in the woods, pushes over a little girl AND steals her sick scooter, and displays some “excellent” mic technique. Super Citizen Trey: The Image of America. Great video all around, watch and enjoy ya noids.

Frog Leap is always pumping out cool content for free on the internet, the least you can do is show them some love and check out the rest of the channel. Easy peasy.

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