7 YouTubers, 2 Days, One Monster Metal Song Collab!


You may have known that back in November, I spent a couple days in Canada with a glut of YouTuber friends of mine. I posted some pictures to Instagram and people went wild to see myself, Jared Dines, Adam Neely, Stevie T, Music is Win, Sarah Longfield, and Glenn Fricker, at OIART (Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology) doing… something.

Well, this is the thing we did! We spent less than 2 days writing and recording this song, called Dread Machine, and shooting a music video and accompanying behind-the-scenes doc (which can be seen below). I had a total blast, everyone there was cool as hell, and the outcome was a really catchy song (I haven’t been able to get it out of my head since we did it).

If you mix, the school is running a mix contest in which you get to mix the raw tracks from this song! Just click here for details to enter.

Make sure to subscribe to all these fine folks and watch all the juicy footage!

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