Dave Dave going hammy with the whammy.

Which ones do you play when you pick up a guitar?

Amos lays out the fundamentals of getting your bass to sound fat and sit nicely in the mix.

Drop A on a Standard Tele? You bet your breakdown-lovin' bum, boy.

Confirms that One, Fade to Black and Welcome Home (Sanitarium) are interchangeable.

Browne demos the TC-50, and I feel an impulsive purchase coming on.

Angel makes you question your guitar playing abilities with some tasty, melodic, shred metal.

You know how your drum module presets suck really bad? Well, this will fix that.

Do you like your playthroughs with melodic euro-metal riffs, chiptune synth and tasty leads? They got you fam.

Trey Williams 'bout to blast off in ya head.