OKILLY DOKILLY Plays “Diddly or Doodly?”


Trey recently met up with all five Ned Flanders of the hilariously brilliant Simpsons-themed “Nedal” band, Okilly Dokilly. So what do these real-life incarnations of the world’s most recognizable Jesus-lovin’ lefty think about djent, Babymetal, footlongs, and a host of other topics? The Neds gave us their diddlies (thumbs up) and doodlies (thumbs down) in what’s, without a doubt, the greatest recorded interview of all time – past, present, and future. Oh wait, we did a Petrucci interviews Petrucci thing one time, huh? Why must everything be so excellent?

Okilly Dokilly have only been around for a couple years, but they’ve made some serious waves in a short period of time, with features by the likes of Billboard and Vice. While their schtick has certainly served them well thus far, it shouldn’t distract from their sick riffs that stand up just fine on their own. If you’ve yet to check it out, their debut album, Howdilly Doodilly, was released last November. Being left-handed has never felt so right.

They’re currently on a North American run through June, so check ’em out if they’re coming through your town. Otherwise, you can also keep up with their superior blend of metal and comedy right here, neighborino.

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