FLUID AUDIO Announces the STRUM BUDDY: the Most Adorable Practice Monitor You’ve Ever Seen


Practicing should always be made as convenient as possible, which can be easier said than done. As a guitar player, it can be a hassle to always have your amp with you when you jam out. For the simple idea of practice, many amps can weigh you down and keep you teathered to them when you plug in. Well, there might just be a solution to this dilemma, as the folks at Fluid Audio have just announced an adorable mini practice speaker known as the Strum Buddy, at Musikmesse 2017 in Germany.

The Strum Buddy is a portable and convenient speaker that plugs straight in to your electric guitar via the 1/4in jack. This lil’ guy suctions right onto the body of your guitar (hooray for no residue!) and amplifies your sound without keeping you bogged down to the couch or perimeter of your amp. It runs on a rechargeable lithium ion battery that lasts almost four hours on a single charge, which lets you squeeze in a whole bunch of practice sessions before needing more juice.

But how does it sound? Suprisingly well, given the size of the speaker. The Strum Buddy comes with three effects presets: distortion, chorus, and reverb, all of which can be worked into most guitarists’ sounds for practice purposes. The sound is loud enough for you to fully hear what you’re playing, but not so loud where your neighbors will call the cops. It’s a win-win, really.

The Strum Buddy will be available in late May of 2017, retailing for $59 in the US. Definitely a bang for your buck if you’re in need of a portable practice speaker. For more details on the ‘lil fella, you can head over to Fluid Audio’s website.

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