Craig Peters, AKA, the mastermind behind progressive death metal acts Deeds of Flesh and Destroying the Devoid, has just released a super informative demo of the Perfect Drums plugin from Naughty Seal Audio. This is part of the Plugin Play video series on his YouTube channel in which he tries out and reviews all kinds of neat plugins and VSTs. While Craig demonstrates how great Perfect Drums can sound, he also shows us the ins and outs of the user interface, as well as how the drums perform in a final metal mix.

Perfect Drums is a standalone drum sampler plugin and library, very akin to other drum samplers like Superior Drummer 2.0, Addictive Drums, and GetGood Drums, just to name a few. It comes loaded with 5 snares, 4 kicks, and 4 toms. These samples are already processed and ready to work with, but as Craig mentions, they can be tweaked to the user’s liking. The UI also looks pretty polished and comes with different windows for sampling, mixing, and routing.

While the interface and sample library are pretty slick, there are a few key elements that really seem to set Perfect Drums apart from other samplers. First of all, the user isn’t just limited to the drum samples that come with Perfect Drums. The plugin allows for third-party samples to be used and mixed into the already existing samples. That allows for a ton of flexibility if you’re trying to get a really specific sound.

Second, the user has access to the PD Cloud: an online storage catalogue for uploading and sharing all the custom drums you create with Perfect Drums. Super duper cool for showing off whatcha got and trying out other people’s samples. Finally, the full version of Perfect Drums comes with the guarantee to get all of their drum expansions free for life. Yep, that’s right. No more paying to get those expansions you’ve always wanted. At the price point that Perfect Drums comes in at, that’s a deal you really can’t beat.

If Perfect Drums seems to be the answer to all your drum sampling needs, head over to their site and get yours quick! The full plugin can be purchased for $150, but if you just want the samples themselves, it’s a mere $75. Happy sampling, y’all.

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