Why 15w Amps Are Just as Powerful as Your 435w Fender 400 PS: COLIN from CSGUITARS Weighs In


I guess this has been a subject of contention within the last five or so years. Are lower wattage amps powerful enough to hold their own with a live band? COLIN from CSGUITARS weighs in with some serious knowledge. I’m going to need to review this video two or three times because the amount of factual education that’s crammed in is dense. It really makes me want to study sonic physics, but I need to go back to Algebra 1 because I’m pretty sure I got stuck on exponential equations.

Colin, what I love maybe more than your mind is your accent. I could twirl my hair and listen to you talk about amps, wattage, gain staging, the difference between volume and loudness, and music history for hours with that voice and eloquence. If you want some more knowledge bombs, you can support CSGuitars on Patreon here. And check out Colin’s music on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, and Spotify. Reverb has a cyber sale week going on, so use the link below to snag an extra $15 off of your purchase. Grab a 15w amp for yourself to experiment with!
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