34 YouTubers Talk About Their Day Jobs In This Video


At GuitCon last year, I starting asking some of my YouTuber friends about their day jobs, both present and past (for some of them, YouTube is now their full-time job so I told them to talk about an old job). It was so interesting, I decided to keep compiling video, and to ask some more YouTubers about it when I got home. Eventually, I had collected 34 YouTubers over a couple months and decided it was time to just get it out there and see if the world wanted a Part 2. So for now, just enjoy the funny stories of your favorite YouTube personalities!

Here’s everybody in the video:

Ten Second Songs
Rob Scallon
Simone Giertz
Ola Englund
Leo Moracchioli (Frog Leap Studios)
Jared Dines
Adam Neely
Stevie T
Tyler Larson (Music is Win)
Glenn Fricker
Sahil Makhija (Headbanger’s Kitchen)
That Pedal Show
Sarah Longfield
Andrew Baena
Pete Thorn
David Wallimann
Robert Baker
Mary Spender
Phil McKnight
Tom Quayle
The Tone King
Guitar Nerds
Gear Gods
Rock Feed
Jennifer James
CatPick Studios
Axe of Creation
The Adventures of Guitar Girl

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