Australia Week – Spotlight on PORTAL

Many of the artists we are featuring this week are on the sort of conventional side. Not unoriginal, just… recognizable as Western music, utilizing harmony, wearing clothes made for people. Today we’re bringing you something….else.



I feel like they chose the name Portal because that’s what they travelled through to get to this plane of existence – from whence, no one knows.

When they exited the portal, on the other side lay the magical land of Oz, and so Australia issues their passports. But only demons from another dimension could create music this terrifying and dissonant, with no regard for the mental stability of the listener. Their music sounds like the wind howling through a dark cave on a cloudy night, while a crackling fire burns to ashes the remains of your last loved one. It’s fucking evil as shit.

Don’t believe me? Just watch:

It’s like, they’re playing in sync, but with no regard for traditional structure, harmony, or production. It’s definitely metal, but to accurately categorize it we need a new subgenre. In the way that Death gave birth to an eponymous style (death metal), so shall this be called Portal Metal.

I kind of feel like I should be worried about someone who likes this stuff, and then I worry about myself because there’s really something entrancing about it – like the Kramer, it’s loathesome and disgusting, yet I can’t look away.

Also, I really like their costumes.

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