February 2017

Sonarworks are going to help you get your sub-par listening environment on-point.

Because bassists deserve cool toys too. Sometimes.

Over a classic "So What" / "Impressions"-style chord movement.

The Cronus is a modern take on a timeless classic. It slays.

The NG2 gets a retro Vai-esque swirl and the D-Bird gets a Lamborghini style re-engineering.

He might not be slipping the knot anymore, but he's still tying the band together!

It has the same scale length as an upright bass. Quad Damage powerup will cost extra though.

Be a good human: turn your old strings into jewelry and shit.

Girth can be good in some cases, but not this one.

Try saying "buckeye burl bass" 5 times fast.

And you get a signature pickup, and you get a signature pickup, and

The crowned kings of caveman death metal are back with some new dankness.

New practice amp range also includes a handy, little, Bluetooth enabled 'Fly' amp.

Stick Twirl: for people who can't stick twirl, now you can stick twirl.