JEFF HUGHELL Playthrough of New Six Feet Under Track ‘Exploratory Homicide’

Six Feet Under recently dropped this gnarly playthrough of their brand new straight-to-the-throat track ‘Exploratory Homicide’. In case you don’t know, it’s off the upcoming album Torment out February 24th.


Interestingly, their absolute-weapon bassist, Jeff Hughell pulls double duty in this playthrough and performs both the guitar and bass parts. Similarly, Jeff handled the guitar and bass tracking (I’m gonna guess song writing too) for the whole Torment album.

So here it is, the Chris Barnes Experience Six Feet Under’s Jeff Hughell with Mandatory Suicide ‘Exploratory Homicide’.

Don’t get it twisted. 0:19 Jeff lets you know that he’s still got those widdly-widdly tapping chops.

The brutal death metal influence from Jeff’s past is evident in some of the arrangement. But he also gives the guitar riffs that extra ‘caveman’ edge that only a bass player can. Totally in a good way though. This is Six Feet Under. Straight up, no-frills savagery is what it’s all about.

Six Feet Under have been on a tear with a string of polished, well written, ignant death metal albums. Probably due to Chris Barnes keeping the lineup stocked with killer personnel. He’s like the Axl Rose of death metal.

Apart from Jeff, blast master Marco Pitruzzella appears again, tappin’ them toms. Plus the mighty producer Zeuss has returned for mixing, after last mixing SFU’s ultra-brutish 2013 album Unborn (AKA the era everyone knows them from ‘cos your favorite swede Ola Englund was on guitars).

Torment comes out February 24th on Metal Blade Records. So if you’re looking for some no-BS, straight-down-the-line heaviness with none of them thinkin’ riffs, pre-order bundles are up on the Metal Blade indiemerch store.

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