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From the band's forthcoming live album.

Making tuning the least of your worries.

This band is a trip - to the moon!

Check out this live playthrough of "New Noise"

Full set from drummer Casey Moore's grind-throne.

Check out some high-res, multi-cam live footage of Dirk with the band.

Paul Wandtke takes on "Dead and Gone" live.

Check out a performance video of one of the maverick filmmaker's new tracks.

Check out half an hour of ex-Animals as Leaders drummer Navene Koperweis' POV behind the kit.

Ben Harclerode's attire matches the attitude of his breakdowns.

Check out some live drum-cam footage from their current tour with Between the Buried and Me.

Mongolian Folk Metallers perform live in the studio.

Check out some beautifully-shot clips of "Deadhead" and "March of the Poozers"

Over the track "Para Mexer," live from their summer tour with Between the Buried and Me and The Contortionist.