ANDREW W.K. Has Zero Sense of Humor with New ESP Taco Guitar. Like None.

Andrew W.K., widely acknowledged as one of music’s most humorless souls, had the ESP Custom Shop draw him up a taco guitar, appropriately revealed on National Taco Day (October 4th). If you’ll remember, he also solemnly presented a pizza guitar several years back. The morose individual had this to say about it:

I started pondering, what’s another food that’s as party as pizza? As far as party foods go, tacos are definitely partier than almost anything else. Pizza and tacos are among the partiest foods in the world. I realized that since I had paid tribute to pizza, I now had to pay tribute to tacos in all their glory. I was destined to make a taco shaped guitar.

This is proof that if you have the vision, no matter how outlandish or unruly, the team at ESP Guitars can turn it into a beautiful reality. And they only use the highest quality materials, and they’re truly master craftsmen. Absolutely mind blowing attention to detail and playability. There’s no compromise when it comes to the integrity of the instrument, or the hardness of the party.

Word on the street is, apart from commissioning pieces like this one, Andrew’s got a record coming out next spring. He’s also in the midst of a North American tour, which you can catch the details of here.

For more, including a video of the Taco Guitar’s creation, check out the feature via ESP.

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