The Weekly Riff

You haven't seen a weekly riff like this before.

Aenimus bassist Seth Stephens lays down the death-groove.

Guitarist Sarah Longfield demonstrates some tappy-tap riffs.

Bros and Go's - you guys know that the Revenge of the Internet Tour featuring Drewsif Stalin, The Fine Constant, Aenimus, and

Guitarist Sean Swafford demonstrates some licks on a "Transcend Reality" tune.

Guitarist R.J. Ober shows off some of the Japanese hardcore-inspired grooves from one of the band's new rippers.

Guitarist Mark MR rips (live!) through one of Existential Animals' toastiest tracks.

Learn how to play their new single "Waging War"!

White Widows Pact leave one of their dirty sludge riffs out to dry.

North Carolina blackened thrashers unleash a track off their upcoming Joel Grind-produced The Red Sect.

Guitarist Rick Jimenez rocks out on some minor single-note grooves.