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As usual, we are heading down to Austin, Texas to eat delicious treats, imbibe tasty beverages, and avoid watching yet another rock band play rock music at this years South by Southwest festival. And we’ll be live-gramming it all on the Gear Gods Instagram (@geargodsnet), so click on the follow button to join in the fun!


Among American music festivals, SXSW is the center of media – a gathering of elites and wannabes alike on every tier of the industry – in which you have seemingly no other option than but to watch the same band play 5 sets of the same 4-riff/chord songs until the jangly tones and organic flannel enters your bloodstream and suffocates your capillaries. But we at Gear Gods are going to try and enjoy it a bit more radically. So join us (@geargodsnet) for the fun!

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Max is managing editor of Gear Gods.

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