The Weekly Riff – Myrkur, Vølvens Spådom on Piano

We recently had the chance to hang out with Myrkur, the one-woman Danish black metal guitar hero, at Gibson’s Showroom here in New York City. We were pretty blown away by Myrkur’s innate musical ability and multi-instrumental talent, which includes some serious classically-honed piano chops.


Myrkur has been playing piano since she was a toddler, but eventually began taking it very seriously, learning masterworks by composers like Frederic Chopin. That influence translated quite organically to her upcoming album M, so after getting her to plug in and screech on the guitar, we just had to ask her to show off her ivory-tickling skills to us.

In the following video, Myrkur illustrates a riff from Vølvens Spådom, which is performed on the album by a choir, and discusses some of the Norse poetry influences behind the song. This is a first for Gear Gods, hopefully of many – so metal piano players, give us a shout!

M drops on August 7th via Relapse. Pre-order it here.

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Max is managing editor of Gear Gods.

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