Will Goodyear Makes Modern Drum Noise

We’re all really excited about Thomas Giles’ new solo record, Modern Noise. Tommy gave us a great interview last week, in which he went extremely in-depth into his writing and mental processes behind the new music, so we’re excited to learn more about the actual recording process.


Luckily, Tommy is releasing a series of in-studio videos detailing the making of Modern Noise, with the first installment focusing on the drums. Tommy played all the instruments on the album other than the drums, which were performed by Will Goodyear (Grohg, ex-Between the Buried and Me). This video is a nice teaser of the variety of percussive sounds the dudes chopped up for the record, and also serves as a primer on Goodyear’s history with Tommy and with BTBAM.

So check it out!

Modern Noise is out on Metal Blade November 25th.

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Max is managing editor of Gear Gods.