Whitechapel’s Guitarists Had a Nice Chat with DiMarzio, Regarding their Songwriting Process

With the imminent arrival of Whitechapel’s new record, Our Endless War (it hit stores today in fact), the band’s been posting quite a bit of info about their processes. We’ve already covered a bit of it when I took note of the band’s cost-effective “bring your producer home with you to record the guitars and vocals” approach two weeks ago.


Now the band’s guitarists Alex Wade, Ben Savage and Zach Householder sat down with the DiMarzio Pickups folks to talk about riff composition. Seems the band split off into groups  or solo to work on parts simultaneously. If anything it’s an interesting watch purely to see who wrote which riffs.

I’ve got to say though that for a video sponsored by a pickup company, the tones are a little lacking. Sounds like there’s way too much gain and processing going on there. Or am I just overly picky? What do you think?

Speaking of Whitechapel, have you checked out our contest where we give away an ESP/LTD guitar signed by the band, as well as one autographed by Devildriver, and VIP tickets to every stop on their tour with Carnifex, Revocation, and more? Well if not, do so ASAP. And by the way, you can stream Whitechapel’s Our Endless War at Metal Blade Records’ website.

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