This Dude Built a Ukelele That Shoots Fire

I know you guys are hungry for more Mad Max content after getting your penis pummeled by Fury Road. Last week, we covered how composer Junkie XL arranged, recorded and edited the war drum score. Now, we’ve got one of the most interesting projects to come out of the Mad Max inspiration train – a real-life instrument that also functions as a flamethrower.


Taking a cue from the Doof Warrior, a character in the film who plays a guitar/flamethrower on the front of Immortan Joe’s war party music rig, but lacking a post-apocalyptic landscape to shred on, Caleb Kraft built a ukelele that shoots flames for private use in his backyard. Kraft documented the process of building this insane instrument, which he has shared with us all. Check it out and alert your local fire marshall below:

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