TESSERACT Drummer Jay Postones Plays Groovy New Tune “King”


Tesseract has been one of my favorite bands since I first heard One back in 2011, and they’ve remained as enchanting and inspiring as ever. They continue to move the bar forward for progressive music thanks to their talented members. The rhythm section, in particular, is phenomenal, and I’m always banging my head along to every song. You’re not human if your head ain’t moving.

The talented Jay Postones crushes this playthrough of “King” off Sonder. He makes it look effortless, which is still impressive even if he’s not blasting away at 200 BPM. He manages not to break a sweat and keeps his hair nice and tidy throughout the song. Very classy Jay! His kit also must be haunted because Casper the friendly ghost note also makes several appearances.

Sonder will be hitting the shelves April 20th (pre-order bundles available here) and Tesseract will be touring with Plini and Astronoid. Shows start April 19th in Boston and continue through May before starting the European leg of the tour.

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